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Outline of Modules - Data Center Virtualization

  • VMware ESXi 6.x Install, Configure and Manage
  • VMware vCenter 6.x Install, Configure and Manage

Audience: ESXi and vCenter server operators, System Administrators and System Engineers

Pe-requisites: System administration experience on any platform; Windows or Linux. Basic understanding of Data Center and virtualisation

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should understand vSphere 6.0 functions and features and be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Deploy an ESXi host
  • Deploy a vCenter Server instancee
  • Deploy a vCenter Server appliance
  • Manage an ESXi host using vCenter Server
  • Manage ESXi storage using vCenter Server
  • Manage ESXi networking using vCenter Server
  • Manage virtual machines using vCenter Server
  • Deploy and manage thin-provisioned virtual machines
  • Migrate virtual machines with VMware vSphere® vMotion®
  • Manage vSphere infrastructure with VMware vSphere® Web Client and VMware vSphere® Client™
  • Migrate virtual machines using VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion®
  • Manage access control using vCenter Server
  • Monitor resource usage using vCenter Server
  • Manage VMware vSphere® High Availability, VMware vSphere® Fault Tolerance, and VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ using vCenter Server

VMware Chandigarh

What is VMware Virtualization?

Virtualization in VMware means virtualize your IT Infrastructure. Virtualization enables you to run multiple computers on single computer. I will elaborate it in more details; you buy one Computer hardware and Virtualization enables you to run multiple computers on it. A virtual layer is installed on your hardware known as VMware Hypervisor. This enables us to create multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) using existing computer hardware. Then Desired Operating system can be installed on those VMs like Linux, Mac, and Windows etc. The virtualization has different levels i.e. Desktop Virtualization to Infrastructure virtualization, Creating Private clouds, Hybrid clouds and Public clouds etc. This page explain VMware virtualization in more details

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